The Sequence

and blogging again finally…

Holiday photos from Denmark coming very soon I promise.

Until then, here’s one place we hung out in the sun the weekend before we went…

The sculpture is called The Sequence and is by Arne Quinze, who also contructed a similar sculpture near Louise metro station. This one is right outside the Flemish parliament, not on any of the big roads so that you really only find it by chance unless you are a)going to the Flemish parliament (can someone explain to me why its not in Flanders?) or b) purposefully looking for it.

It’s been there since November last year I believe.

I love how ORANGE it is. And how it just FILLS the whole of the street.

And the fact there is a bus stop in the middle of it.

And that on a Sunday afternoon here it is so quiet you can sit for half an hour undisturbed.