banana blueberry loaf

While Rasmus did a couple of rounds of golf on our wee little course here, I baked this banana blueberry loaf. He just commented that we’re just about fulfilling the stereotype of a retired couple on a Sunday afternoon… maybe living here is affecting us more than we realise?!

Still, the rest of the weekend was more exciting and included alligators and the US’ smallest post office. I’ll tell you all about it soon 🙂

This loaf resulted, as always, from having over-ripe bananas. And I also had blueberries so I searched and found this recipe from Straight from the Farm blog, which was chosen over the other recipes I found primarily because I had most of the ingredients. It still sunk in the middle which I am blaming entirely on my being in a strange kitchen without all the right ingredients and equipment, and in no way due to my lack of ability 🙂

It is yummy. Much more cake that bread if you were wondering, but I love the addition of blueberries to a normal banana bread. If I had had a muffin tin I might have made them into muffins instead. But I don’t so I didn’t…