We went out to a baseball game last night, to see the Fort Myers Miracles play the Marauders – I’m not sure where they were from. In between trying to confuse us (“yeah, that’s called a touchdown”), two of Rasmus’ colleagues educated us on the rules of the game. We got it in the end, although I was getting mixed up a lot – was that a strike, a ball or an out??

Would you laugh if I told you this photo is not posed? I am actually concentrating this hard trying to figure out how on earth this games work…

We sat watching with our beers and “hard” cider, laughing at the weird mascot, and watching all the crazy dogs.

DOGS? Yes, dogs. Apparently today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day and so the baseball stadium had thrown the doors open to our canine friends too. We had too whippets and a mongrel sitting behind us, a Rhodesian Ridgeback (I think) two rows in front, a lot of annoying chihauhaus being carried around by women, and the most humongous great dane I have ever seen blocking the aisle behind us. Seriously, that dog was a horse.

Something else very bizarre – lawyers advertising on the side of the beer cups…¬†

It made for an amusing first baseball experience, that’s for sure…