celebrating Spain

Our weekend ended on the streets of central Brussels, celebrating the World Cup win with hundreds of Spaniards and excited onlookers!

Rasmus and I had managed to find ourself a coveted position at the bar in an Irish pub downtown that was mostly packed with Spaniards dressed in red and yellow, with a few orange Dutch supporters bravely filling the gaps. The atmosphere got tenser and tenser as the game went into over time and I tried desperately to keep up with which way we were shooting (using “we” very loosely of course – we decided about three minutes before the start of the game that we were supporting Spain!)

The goal when it finally came caused an eruption of emotion that didn’t then stop for the remaining few minutes at which point the joy spilled out into the street which had turned red and yellow, the steps of the Bourse (stock exchange) covered in singing fans. It was such a fantastic atmosphere!