family ties

The last weekend of October we drove back to the UK (missing the first ferry – only 50% my fault. Yes the traffic might have been better if I had not been 45 minutes late meeting Rasmus but they moved the damn bus stop! Stupid European Council meeting causing problems again…)

After spending Saturday at home, being suitably excited about my parent’s brand new garden, catching up with my surrogate big brother and his lovely family and spending a fun evening at the pub with old school friends, we drove down to Southampton for the christening of my cousin’s little girl.

We were very early as is always the case when I take my dad’s advice on what time to leave without forming my own opinion. But the lovely church ladies got out the kettle they were just putting away and made us some hot church coffee which was drinkable with some sugar added.

The rest of the family (minus the state-side cousins of course) arrived en masse with all the other guests, making me suspicious that there’d been a pre-party we’d not been told about, but since Jen was with us and she was the godmother, I figured it must just have been coincidence.

The christening was short but sweet with Hannah performing very well despite being a little bleary-eyed from her nap still. The oh-so-wonderfully-English vicar welcomed her into the family of the church and the godmothers and godfather smiled broadly and everyone was happy.

The tea was of course what everyone was waiting for since most of the women had been baking/cooking the previous day for it and their skills are of course legendary. Alison’s pistachio & apricot terrine was particularly superb šŸ™‚

And there was a pretty girl centre of everyone’s attention…

Grandpa had made the long journey south as a special exception to his “once south of the border a year” rule, and it was a fun chance to snap a photo of him with all his Europe-based grandchildren.