winter-blues-breaker plans

Yes, that’s a mouthful of a post title.

Let me explain.

Thursday was Marissa’s birthday. Marissa is one of my bestest friends. We have grill-outs on her terrace, she keeps a stock of kriek for me in her fridge, she has an infectious laugh and she forgives me for not liking orange, her favourite colour.

We had a fun evening of food, games and laughter together. And Sarah (she’s also amazing) and I plotted our plan for her birthday surprise…

A January weekend trip to Italy!

The details are not quite figured out yet. Like the “where in Italy” question, and the “which weekend” question. But January is that horrid time of the year when Christmas is over, New Year is past, and you have just the all-consuming depression that is Brussels weather in the winter. Cold. Wet. Dark. Windy. By the 1st February you have officially lost the will to live and you still have another two months until the first signs that this might not be the eternal winter of Narnia that you had feared (clearly I should never live in Russia or Canada).

Our answer to this problem is to escape to Italy. So it won’t quite be soaring temperatures, but it will not be Belgium. And there will be pizza and wine and pasta and pretty things to look at. Which is good enough for us. 🙂