For Lent, I have given up playing computer games like freecell and solitaire. All the ones that come in the little Games folder on any computer. I will often turn on my computer to do something and play a few games “to relax” but realise 45 minutes I am still playing, and I hate to finish on a lose which generally means playing another coz I’m not really that good.

I tried deleting the whole folder of games but couldn’t work out how to do it so now it is up to will power alone to keep me on his path. Which is probably more the point of giving things up for lent anyway, it’s not supposed to be easy otherwise it’s perhaps a little pointless.

Tearfund are promoting a “carbon fast” for Lent.  The idea is you do something every day to reduce your carbon footprint. Today’s suggestion is to buy from your local farmer’s market instead of driving to an out-of-town shopping centre. So I am feeling a little smug because I already do that – on Sunday after church I walk to the market in Place Jourdain for the yummy fruit and veg on display there. But of the last nine days of lent, I have done three of the suggestions, not done three, and three are not applicable. So I guess my report card would read ‘could do better’.

For other good lent suggestions see this page at Ship of Fools.