music and dancing

Our cd player in the office broke about three weeks ago. The cd was still playing but no sound emerged. This has affected our spirit and ability to read long boring EC papers – it is just so much harder without a little Johnny Cash or Carole King to help us along. I know, our cd collection was perhaps limited (although Richard bought in his Ryan Adams cds and I bought along Imogen Heap and Thandiswa), but these friends helped us through the long days immersed in policy papers and EU action plans.

Richard and I by necessity have now become anti-social internet music station listeners – anti-social because none of our computers have speakers so we are always listening to different things. I skip between deezer, and myspace depending on my current listening mood. Right now I am addicted to Morcheeba’s new album Dive Deep. A lot of the songs are on their myspace page if you are interested.

Which got me to thinking: Who did I lend my Big Calm Morcheeba album to??? Si and Ali originally introduced me to them years ago and someone bought it as a birthday present soon after. But I have not seen it in yeeears. I do remember lending two other cds to one friend who consequently forgot they weren’t his and gave them away to a friend in Uganda. If you are the culprit in this situation, can I have my cd back? Or at least know it is happy and well-used in it’s new home?

On a completely different subject, I went salsa dancing last night with some friends from my building, in a bar called Monte Cristo down town. Most of the other dancers in the bar looked like this while I bravely tried to ignore them and did the two basic steps I know over and over, interspersed with the odd twirl. It was fun!