Swiss adventure!

In about two hours I am off to Switzerland, for our General Assembly on Tues and Wed (I am giving a presentation on our disability advocacy work which is a wee bit scary), and a weekend of sightseeing in Geneva before that. My logisitics and tourism skills have been working overtime the last couple of weeks to make sure that 24 participants from nine different countries end up in the right place at the right time. Fingers crossed they will be.

This is in fact the first time I have ever been on holiday on my own. The current BBC Forcast is Rain Rain Rain. Luckily Geneva has lots of indoor things to do. I am hoping to visit the UN, The Red Cross & Crescent HQ, the cathedral which Calvin preached in a lot (perhaps pondering predestination for about five minutes before my head begins to hurt) and a big art museum. And if I do get a little sunshine I’ll wander around the old quarter and take a look at that big jet thing in the lake.

Our GA is actually in Lausanne a little way up the lake so I’ll get to see a bit of Switzerland too. I’ve never been to Switzerland before. My general image of it is like this:

I will let you know whether the reality fits my stereotypes. This is one country that Jen beat me to…

Right now I am waiting for the Care seminar day to end so I can stop worrying that I have forgotten to pack something and actually get going.