fig cookies

I planned to make this recipe months ago. When I stayed with Hannah in Bonn waaaaay back before Christmas I even bought a jar of organic 100% fig spread from the market. But then I never got round to making them. Until Tuesday!

Actually though, my “Grown Up Fig Cookies” do not look quite as pretty as Heidi’s. Reason? I was kinda in a hurry to get to the free aerobics in the park (7.30pm tuesday and thursday, park cinquintinaire, over 200 people dancing to crazy music copying a mad Swedish lady – amazing!) so ddn’t bother chilling the cookie dough. If you’ve ever made cookies you’ll know then that what came out the oven therefore ended up being about three times the size of what went in but so so thin because it splurged all over the baking tray.

Still, they tasted really good! 🙂