Yesterday Jodie was staying with me while she was in Brussels for an interview. We could have done many wonderfully cultural things with our afternoon. And we did. We went to Ikea.

I love Ikea. And I don’t mean I want my house to be all Ikea stuff. (like most expat flats in Brussels) But it is simply a wonderful place. You can try out every sofa, bed and duvet in the store (and we did!) and no one looks at you strangely.

I was very well behaved (and occasionally physically restrained by Jodie) and only bought what I had planned to buy: a double duvet and sheets. Oh and some pretty jars for my flour and sugar which were bargainous at only 1euro50 each.

Then today I discovered this video on youtube. Yes. I am going to move into Ikea. Can you imagine? A different bedroom every night. If you want romantic pink flowers one day and bright green and brown the next, you can have it. Cook in a marble and steel kitchen one evening and an ash and baby blue one the next. And all the Swedish meatballs your heart desires…