unconnected happenings

A month of silence on my blog. Sorry dad 🙂

So here’s what I’ve been up to in no particular order…

Serving the City – the big annual week-long Serve the City ended with a day of free games, bouncy castle, barbeque, bands and face painting on the square in front of the Palais de Justice. I was in charge of the face painting. Sounds fun huh? Yeah, did I mention it rained solidly for four hours? So I was a tad damp but actually it was great because the beams on the kids faces when I passed them the mirror made up for the rain and eventually the sun came out and the evening of bands and free food went really well, culminating in an incredible sunset over the city…


Thanking God because the immigrants finally after nearly 60 days on hunger strike, got their full papers from the government. They are now all home and recovering slowly.

Saying goodbye to some great friends. Stephen went back to the States and Nino has gone home to Bosnia. Brussels already feels empty without them. And this weekend Joanna moves back to the UK. Which is going to be even stranger.

Spending the day in Ghent with mum and dad, and scaring dad by leaning a little too far over the side at the top of the town hall tower.

Having Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Yesterday, we made an early morning trip to the brand new Tiffany’s store in our pearls and heels, and had take out coffee and croissants admiring all the pretty jewellery and being stared at by all the commuters on Avenue Louise. It was pretty much wonderful.

Breakfast at Tiffanys

Seeing one of my oldest friends Anna get married and catching up with some good friends at the wedding.

Going home for a barbeque with a LOT of cousins and family, and finally meeting the newest addition of the Duguid clan. Here he is with my mum, isn’t this a gorgeous picture!

Mum and Daniel

Oh and I went to see Prince Caspian with Nino, Rasmus, Joanna, Liesl, and Jodi and it was really good – much much better than The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe!

Today is my last day of work for a massive seven weeks. Diana just brought in amaretti biscuits from her trip to Florence and we’re all going out for lunch so it’s going to be a good foody last day