no time to waste

Normally my “lobbying” activities as part of my role here are mostly limited to emailing, telephoning and turning up at the odd meeting.

Occasionally though we do it old-style with placards and shouting and a big blow-up globe. And news agencies like reuters and al jazeera come to film us.

Watch our protest at ActionAid International’s website (on the left, under title Aidwatch 2008). I am there for a split second in the corner of the screen. I’ll be well impressed if you actually spot me. My colleague Richard is much more prominent – he’s the very English looking guy in the second row.

Oh, and the whole point of the stunt was to highlight to EU development ministers meeting that morning in the council, the big gap between what member states have promised in Overseas Development Aid, and what is currently being given. Based on current trends, the EU will have given €75 BILLION less between 2005 and 2010 than was promised. Which is frankly rubbish.