feels like summer

Some exciting news today.

The Commission have changed the flags outside the Berlaymont building. I know. Exciting stuff. They are looking beautifully new and un-weather stained. And it seems they have chosen a slightly more indigo shade of blue which I am appreciating.

I also was lucky enough to witness two men changing the HUGE banner that hangs on the Charlemagne building. In my nine months living here I have never once seen them change them before. I thought they just magically appeared overnight once a week.

Much more interestingly, it is Joanna’s birthday today. She joins me once again as an even-numbered girl which is much better than being an odd-numbered girl. We are hosting a party tonight at our flat in celebration. I have been requested to make my lime-coconut cupcakes again. I also have some cherries left over from the kilo I bought at the market on Sunday that I didn’t use in this Cherry Macaroon tart for church so I might be experimenting with this other recipe I found.

I know you had missed me telling you all about the things I am cooking, right?!

It has been a busy few weeks. Our Annual Review came out last week. Hard copies are in a box by my desk ready for sending out but hopefully it will be on our website very soon too so take a look!

Also, all the London interns came across last week for their much-anticipated Brussels trip. Most came early for the weekend so Jo and I played tour guides and introduced them to our favourite spots. Monday to Wednesday was the “official” program of meeting MEPs, and touring the institutions. Don’t think we managed to persuade any of those with Tory-leanings that the EU is a wonderful thing yet, but still five weeks of the internship left…

Here some of us are in the Palais de Justice after dinner at a pizzeria (photo courtesy of Sarah B!).