i don’t have the words

I had lots I was going to catch you up with on my blog this weekend.

The amazing time I had with Rebecca in Madrid last weekend.

The Brussels jazz marathon in all the main squares the last three days.

The spinach, parmesan and pine nut muffins I made which were a big success.

The film I saw (‘Julia’) which disturbed me and (a different) Rebecca so much.

But it all seems a little insignificant now.

Last night The Well Church which I am gradually attending more and more often, visited St Anne’s church. There, about 150 immigrants are on the 17th day of a hunger strike.

They have no legal status either here in Belgium or in the countries they have come from. Some have been here for years with no way to get an official job, to get good health care, send their kids to school. They are desperate.

I cannot fathom that desperation that would move someone to not eat for over two weeks. We were there for just a little while, we prayed together for a solution, and offered our support.

And in the short time we were there two ambulances came to take away two men who had become dangerously ill.

They have been frequently in my thoughts today. I am not sure how to communicate the intense ball of emotion they stirred in me that is still sitting heavy in my chest.

So this will have to do. Please pray.
Lord have mercy.