flower carpet

The flower carpet that graces the Grand Place once every few years is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Brussels. Probably a third of all postcards have a picture of the flower carpet on them, even though it only lasts a brief four days before the whole thing is cleared away again.

I’ve been living in Brussels nearly three years and I’ve never seen the flower carpet. I always seem to be out of town. When I found out the dates of the carpet this year I realised we would be in Denmark – we leave tomorrow morning for six days to celebrate Rasmus’ Mormor’s (grandma) 90th birthday on Tuesday with lots of family.

But tonight was the big opening ceremony. Lots of pretty lights, the fountain danced to a recorded choir (not hugely impressive, just three months after seeing the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas) and a grand finale of fireworks which had everyone in the front row shielding their eyes from the hot ash…

It’s very lovely and mostly I am just impressed about how clever it is. It’s just a lot of flowers laid down to make patterns of colour but the effect is very nice. And I’m glad I have seen it. I feel like I could leave Brussels in peace now 🙂