for amy and john

fiona amy john

It’s three days until you get married. I am completely gutted to be missing it – I’d have done almost anything for a trans-atlantic flight this week. But we are just glad we got to see you recently, got to sit in a hot tub together under a Californian sky and talk about life and church and love.

So until we get the chance to gather together again and go for frozen yoghurt, we wish you so much joy in each other, so much strength for your marriage as it begins, so much expectation of the good things God will do in you and through you. We celebrate with you in spirit, even if we can’t be there in person.

Epithelium, by Aonghas MacNeacail.

This is your new garden, a whole wide
World of it, so green and songbird fresh
All yours to map and fill with luminous
Constellations of fruit and berry blossoms

This is your new garden, tend it as if
All the young shoots that promise
A succulent harvest of root and ear
Will be young and tender for all time

This is your garden, there will always be
Much hoeing and raking, the clearing
of weeds and sowing of seeds will ask
patience, attention, forgiving laughter

this is the garden you will want to live in, it’s not
all sunshine – there’s moonshine too, all earth
needs storms, but when the dark clouds peel back,
see your garden bloom into a universe of stars.