friday favourites

It’s September. Actually one of my favourite months of the year. The weather in this corner of Europe tends to be warm but with that fresh chill of autumn in the mornings and evening, schools start again and there’s something nice about having a schedule again after a summer of freedom. Not that I’m in school any more of course, but September brings with it images of clean new notebooks, new clothes purchased, new ideas forming.

I’m ready for a bit of a shake up over here, re-focus, plan new goals, start to implement some of those long lists of ideas lying around my desk. I know January is the normal time for resolutions, but September has always felt like the true start to the year. This is when I get up – arise – and do what I was born to do. So September is most welcome.

It’s been a while since I last shared some of my favourites, so here’s what I’m loving right now, this first week of September.

Read. After River by Donna Milner which just blew me away with its unfolding secrets and the tragic beauty of its writing. I gained this one in a swap with Juliana, who I met through this ol’ blog. Now I’m fast reading my way through The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards, and the The Bronze Horseman waits for me on my bedside table.

Listen. Sara Groves’ Invisible Empires album and Josh Garrells’ fantastic b-sides and remixes album of Love & War (download it free from Noisetrade), which remains uncontested in my top-album-of-2012 spot.

Watch. How I met your mother. Rasmus and I don’t watch my TV, but we do like to relax with some good sitcoms in the evening before bed. That generally means we’re about five years behind everyone else. We just started season two; it’s about to start it’s eighth season is the US. At least that means we’ve got a while until we need to find a new series…
Also, this video is making me want to start keeping bees. I know, I know… learn to keep the herbs alive before tackling animals.

Eat. Anything with chillies in, to use up the unending harvest on my study windowsill. Who knew just two chilli plants would produce so much fruit?! Also, this summer I have discovered pearl barley and now most of my salads use it instead of a boring lettuce base.

Moments. Far far too late in the summer, we discovered the nicest wee park literally 200m from our house. How I’d never realised it was here before is a little shocking, but now it’s a perfect location for badminton matches, reading in the sunshine, sneaking on swings at night once the kids have all gone home to bed.

Luxembourg. We finally got our Veloh subscription cards this month and I feel like my life has bee revolutionised. No more waiting for the next bus to come or walking half an hour to get home. I have FREEDOM! Ahem. Although it’s also reminding me I am not very fit. But seriously, if you live in Luxembourg, it’s so worth getting a subscription.

Happy Weekend everyone! We’re off to pick up my mother-in-law from the airport in a few hours, and then for a weekend of harvest festivals, cycling and chatting in Danish. What do you have planned?