We decided to detour via the Hoover Dam on the way back to Vegas because a couple of American friends in Brussels had told us it was so amazing and huge.

Only problem was I misread the map and took us on a detour through the Valley of Fire national park, and then down through the Lake Mead National Recreational Area which has got to be the most boring place on earth to have fun. And they were re-laying the road all the way through and therefore stopping us and the three other (lost) cars for looooong periods of time.

So maybe we weren’t in the best of moods when we finally reached the Hoover Dam, but honestly our first impression was, that’s it?! I think because so many people had said how HUGE it was we were expecting something out of Avatar. Or Star Wars. And really it’s just a relatively large dam. In a small valley so not much of a view.

But we got out and wandered back and forth across it and after the boredom and frustration of driving through desert for four hours, it was quite a pleasant diversion.