the grand canyon on a bad hair/fashion day

I almost didn’t post this.

The thing is, we didn’t realise just how cold it would be at the North Rim of the Gran Canyon. Yes, we knew they closed the road between October and mid-May, yes we were going there just one week after that road re-opened. But were we clever enough to figure it out? Nope.

So we were somewhat surprised to be driving through fields of snow on the road to the rim. Luckily I was wearing trousers rather than a skirt but I had not planned for snowy temperatures and therefore had to pull together a layered up ensemble that involved three different sleeve lengths, a decrative scarf used as a winter scarf and my chunky trainers to finish off the look.

But you can’t go to the Grand Canyon and not show people the photos. So here is one photo that hides most of my fashion crimes but does make me look a little like I have horns…

It was as beautiful and breath-taking and awe-inspiring and flipping HUGE as you have heard.

However, after a couple of hours of standing and being awe-inspired it all gets a bit dull honestly… is that heretical?

Luckily they had a lovely restaurant we could go to for lunch (Margarita salmon anyone?) which was nice.