i live here #2


This was the scene in Brussels on New Years Eve Day at about 12.30am. Uh huh. This is one of the main roads through the centre of the city. That’s the Royal Palace on the right.

Um first, why were this many people in their cars at midnight? When the fireworks are exploding over head, people are hugging strangers in the street and drinking champagne straight from the bottle?


And second, what on earth?? We came upon this scene and could only LAUGH. There was literally no one moving, and cars pointing in every what direction, with no order, honking their horns, gesturing to each other.

And the funniest part were the two policemen calmly standing chatting at the side of the road. Well, it did look a little complicated to sort out. And it was new years eve. Why exert yourself?

p.s. I live here!