learning new skills

One of the last things I did in Fort Myers, was attend a crochet 101 class at a local Joann store. My friend Laura had told me about their classes before we came to the US and I had looked up what they had on locally but not got around to taking any yet. Well on Friday they had a crochet class for absolute beginners scheduled so I went along. There were just two of us beginners but there was a crochet social on at the same time, so another four women were there for that. It was so much fun!

My teacher Peggy was very patient with me and spent two and a half hours teaching me the basic single and double crochet stitches. I then spent both flights to San Diego crocheting, and now, on my first night home alone in about two months (Rasmus is on a business trip within a business trip!) I spent a happy evening watching Extreme Home Makeover and working on my scarf. I am still pretty slow and my fingers tend to start cramping after two or three rows which means every third row looks somewhat like a bunch of messy knots… but look! It actually is kinda starting to look like a scarf! 🙂

Here’s to new skills and new starts… our first 24 hours in San Diego have included sitting in the jacuzzi at sunset, drinking margaritas in the gaslamp district and meeting up with a wonderful friend from college. It’s going to be a good five weeks!