New York New York!

Rasmus’ last day of work in the US is on Wednesday next week. Then we head to Virginia to visit old friends who used to live in Brussels, and then drive (possibly via DC, we’ll see) up to New York where we have a b&b room booked for four nights.

I already asked on facebook, but I thought I’d see who’s out there that reads this and is not my facebook friend. Because geez, if you’re following my life in this much depth, we should be facebook friends so go add me 🙂

Who has been to New York before?

What are your top three must-see/must-eat/must-experience tips?

I have spent the last few days trawling the internet for the best ideas and some of the hidden off the beaten track places that only native New Yorkers know about. Those are the kinda things we enjoy doing on holiday. Although, of course,  we will also make it to Time Square and find somewhere to take cheesy photos of the Empire State Building.

So fire away! My pen is poised and ready to take notes… 🙂