We have officially seven days left in California. This morning we got up early, made bagels with avocado, chicken, parmesan and fried eggs and sat watching the Sony press conference streamed from IFA in Berlin. I know, we lead an exciting life.

The I dropped Rasmus off at work and went to my pilates class. Have I told you I’m taking pilates? I don’t think so. Maybe I will soon because it is kinda awesome.

Now I am checking email and facebook, trying to decide what to do with the rest of my day. There’s a lot in my head at the moment, a lot of thoughts  (and yes, worries; I am my father’s daughter) about the future and next steps. But it feels entirely surreal to be planning life back in cold rainy Europe while sitting in sunny warm California. So maybe I’ll push those thoughts aside until later and go back to planning our five day holiday in New York instead.

We have a jam packed last week here. Tomorrow my dear dear friend Sarah comes to visit for two days and I am certain we shall not stop talking for the full 48 hours. That’s just kinda what we do.

Then on Saturday my old sweet friend Amy and her guy are coming to visit. Amy and I met at uni when she was an exchange student for a short three months and formed a deep friendship that keeps going despite infrequent visits and the many miles between us.

Thank God for friendships like theirs, for people who we can share life with in all it’s glory and struggle. I can not even describe how much I am looking forward to having some quality time with them over the next few days.

It’s also labour (labor?) day weekend so Rasmus has two days off work which is nice. We have a list of things to do here before we leave so the plan is to see how much we can get ticked off, with the help of our visitors. It may well include a return visit to Seaworld, hiking, kayaking, wine tasting… we’ll see what we can fit in! I guess I should also figure out what labour day is…

Because I don’t like to leave you with a whole post with just text, here is a wonderful moving funny and powerful video to watch. Have I posted it here before? Probably. It’s just such a powerful picture of what love is, what it looks like, what is acts like. I dare you not to tear up just a little bit.

And with that, have a nice day.