nothing to see

I didn’t do the daring bakers challenge this month. This is normally our reveal date so sorry if you were hoping for another extravagant something. But since I get married TWO WEEKS TODAY I have a few other things higher up my to-do list… 🙂

In case you were wondering, this months challenge was puff pastry, or vol-au-vonts more precisely, which I would love to have tried, because they are a very traditional Belgian dish, usually served with chicken in a creamy white wine sauce. Delicious! Oh well, another recipe on to my “must try this one day” list.

Did you catch that part about it being just two weeks until I get married?

Two weeks. I will be a wife. Wife. If you say it over and over long enough to starts not to sound like a real word.

But oh. I am so ready. So very ready.

I don’t mean I have it all figured out and I probably have no idea on many levels what we are about to commit ourselves to. This is huge. But I am ready to jump in together and face whatever life brings us. Together.

Two weeks. Wow.