up for grabs

I love giving things away!

Since Rasmus and I are combining homes there are a few things I won’t need to take with me and some things that he doesn’t want anymore.I guess that is often the case when you get married after living independently for years. No longer do people move straight from their parents’ home to their married home and need a whole list of things to make life liveable.

A truth firmly supported by our gift list, which includes a lot of completely random but fun things rather than vital household items. Mini-muffin tray? Champagne bucket? Clearly life essentials!

That said, moving house has been a great opportunity for me to go through everything I own and realise that some of it I haven’t used/worn in the last two years. Which means it should go.

So last night I sent out an email to a big group of friends in Brussels detailing the things I was trying to get rid of. And already…

The flatmate of a friend is taking my bed.

A student friend from church gets the printer.

A random friend of a friend wants the desk.

I so love giving things away and seeing them be useful all over again 🙂