on comparison

"you were born to make manifest the glory of God within you"

My husband has taken up ”training for a marathon” with some friends of his. He says up front he’s not expecting to be able to actually run the marathon (he has dodgy knees) but that the training process in itself is good for him. He asked me a few times if I wanted to join in the training and I did the crazy-laugh at him and told him. No. That would not be happening.

Last week we were going over plans for the week and he talked about his running plans. I asked him who’s training with them now? And he mentioned a name. A woman I know. And I swear the blood stopped running in my veins that very moment.

She’s training with them? She’s running three times a week with the guys on their marathon training?

I pouted and my husband noticed and laughed at me. What’s wrong? She’s training with you? I said incredulously. Well that’s just perfect…

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