Stay calm. I know you are out of touch, dear woman, with this busy-ness and it’s taken you a bit by surprise after the many months of waiting and pushing and wondering. Just stay calm. Being busy does not need to mean being stressed. And you can find joy in this rush and bustle.

Stay focused. There’s so much you want to do, and so many ideas pushing up and out and you’re wondering if even a third of them will ever see the light of day. They are good ideas, truly. Start with one. Make it good. Make it work. Then start another. If you try doing everything at once, nothing will feel right.

Stay brave. This word of yours has surprised you, hasn’t it. You didn’t expect to discover that fear is underpinning so very many of your actions, your decisions, your thoughts. Brave is keeping going despite the fear. And recognising that the dark beat called fear is there, is the first step to conquering it, to banishing it.

Stay light. The days are drawing in and it’s surprising you each morning to wake up and to see no faint crack of light coming through the skylight. And there’s a danger of succumbing to the saddening darkness at this time of year. But you have a light within you, a brightness, that can shine out despite these short dreary days. Be a light seeker, be a light giver.

Stay for a moment more. Don’t rush off yet. Yes, there are always things to be done, things to be ticked off lists. The house could do with a clean, the laundry needs fetching, the emails are piling up. But rest a moment here. Take a load off your feet, banish all thoughts from your head and enjoy the stillness, the silence, the quiet that is right here, right now. Stay and know that everything is alright. Forever.



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