right now. march 2015.

Crocuses in Luxembourg

It’s been one of those March’s when, as Dickens wrote, “the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.” We’ve been escaping to the nearby parks on the sunny days, enjoying lunches on the patio with blankets over our knees, and Baby Girl is determined to practice walking all. day. long. Which means my back is about broken from helping her around.

This month started with our church’s women’s retreat weekend which was wonderful. And then I preached the following Sunday, which is always so rewarding for me. So there’s been this fun mix of grown up study and projects combined with making new friends in the park sand pit.

We head to Copenhagen this evening for a week of friends and family and my brother in law’s wedding! The perfect way to end the month.

This month I’ve been mostly…

Pastrix, by Nadia Bolz Weber. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to read right now so I’m only getting through it slowly but I’m really enjoying it. I really love the way her perspective just gently challenges my own understanding. I just finished her chapter on having inclusive churches and loved how she reframed it for me in a better way.

Our church is reading through N. T. Wright’s “Lent for Everyone” book, which walks through the daily readings from Luke’s gospel and the Psalms (year C). I signed up because I have major FOMO. But actually I’ve found it such a good study. It’s almost Ignatian in the way he invites you into the story. And old (to me) passages have been giving up new meanings.

The Liturgists podcast is my new go to listen. I listened to the Lost & Found episodes, and the Meditation one was brilliant. I enjoy how they approach the topics, with humour but also deep respect. Recommended, especially if you’re feeling your faith shift within you right now.

We watched the first season of Unbreakable, the newish Netflix series about Kimmy Schmidt, a woman who moves to New York after being set free from the bunker a cult leader had kept her in for 15 years. It’s quirky and funny and weird and I kinda loved it. Also, that theme tune? I walk around the flat humming it: “…but females are strong as hell…”

I was asked to preach again at our church on 15th. The Lent series is on the things we need to Give Up, and the passage I had was Matthew 23. If you’re interested, you can listen to a podcast of it on the church website. (I haven’t listened back yet. Do any of you listen to your talks afterwards? I kinda dislike my voice…)

is that my voice?

I seem to put so much more energy into Kaya’s food than ours these days! So she’s eating tuna fishcakes and cheese omelettes and lentil mushroom loaf, and then Rasmus asks, “so is there any food for us?” Um… we can go get takeaway curry again?! Oh but you should totally try that lentil mushroom loaf (vegan, gluten free!). It’s delicious.


Watching the two other women I worked on content with at the church retreat speak to a room full of women for the very first time with confidence and passion. So proud of them!

Sunny afternoons in the park. Last week we were there three times. And I swapped numbers with another mum! It’s like dating for mamas.

Delano Photo

My first time being called by a magazine for my opinion! The subject, you ask? Oh, um, ahem, traffic noise in Luxembourg. Yeah, I don’t really have strong feelings. Hence my comment being mostly sarky: “uh, we live in a city? of course there is traffic noise! Move to a village if you don’t like it!” But hey, my photo in a magazine!!

Luxembourg being small enough to bump into friends all over.

Mornings when Rasmus took Baby Girl so I could get out the house and sermon write with good coffee and no distractions.

The occasional nights when Kaya sleeps through until 6am. This was what eight hours sleep feels like. Haven’t experienced it in eight months. Absolute BLISS. (she’s still waking up early a lot but I’ll take that over the 3+ times a night a couple months ago…)


I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer again, for her What I’m Into monthly post…