Valleys of trouble, doors of hope

I write my She Loves posts well in advance of when they go up on the website. This time, nearly a month ago. And so often they take me by surprise. A tweet notification will pop upon my phone and someone will have already shared it and I had forgotten it was even today.

I go and read it with some nerves, worried whether I’ll still feel happy with what I submitted weeks ago. And then it’s like I’m reading someone else’s words and hearing the call for the first time, to stop straining for the way ahead, and to look inside me for the answer that God has already hidden there.

I wonder whether I come across too calm. I don’t feel calm. This inbetween time is stressful and confusing most days. It strains my relationships and my heart. But I still believe every word I wrote a month ago.

Maybe God is waiting for me to start exploring, to dig into the things already laid down upon my heart and sift through them, inspect them and sit with them, like clues hidden inside me. Maybe if I can lay my desires out in front of me, they will become a map to hold, the Spirit leaning over my shoulder to point out the path emerging faintly on the page.

Join me over at She Loves Magazine to read the rest. And if you are also in an inbetween place? Blessings on you fellow traveler. We will find our way, I’m sure of it.