Settling in

Home Sweet Home print from J M Barclay’s etsy page

Today it’s been nine days since we moved to Luxembourg. Some of you have asked me how we have been settling in.

Well in the past nine days I have…

unpacked about 3/4 of our boxes

made lists of furniture to buy and DIY tasks to complete

tested out the local sushi, Chinese and Indian restaurants (sushi: ok, Chinese: great, Indian: amazing)

discovered a great new local cafe/bar called Independent for lunches and burgers (with all organic, fair trade and red label items – I love it!)

had an amazing experience of Luxembourg beaurocracy when our registration took an easy 15 minutes

had a not so good experience of washing machine delivery services (still waiting and wishing to have clean clothes again)

been to a St Andrews’ Day celebration at the home of the British Ambassador (as you do)

bumped my head multiple times on a) the extractor fan over the hob and b) the sloping ceilings in our bedroom. It’s actually kinda funny – for some reason by brain never remembers to tell my body to duck however many times it happens…

made my first trip in the car to the supermarket and didn’t hit anything in our beyond-huge rental car

made an advent wreath

slept in the flat on my own for the first time (Rasmus is on a five day work trip; he comes home again tomorrow and I can’t wait to see him)

broken in our new oven with raison scones

made spiced nuts as my first advent Sunday gift to Rasmus

found a Danish design store just around the corner, complete with design magazines and packets of liquorice (for Rasmus, not me)

found an English bookstore just around the corner

concluded we live in quite a good little area in this small city

cried some, laughed some

missed my friends in Brussels


It’s been quite busy. But it’s going well. I’m looking forward to meeting more people, making our flat feel even more like home, having my husband home again.

I commented on Elise’s blog today. She’s moving this week, from San Diego to Ventura, and she said something that is very very true for me in this moment: “No matter where we live, I’m home.” Because it feels like home the moment Rasmus walks in the door.