tomorrow is a new day

It’s late Tuesday evening as I write this and it’s just kinda been one of those days.

Luxembourg felt like it was located directly in the middle of a big grey cloud all day, and my mood was right there with it. The day didn’t go as I’d planned it in the morning, full of good intentions and self-discipline. Instead a few miscommunications and delays sent it off the tracks and I struggled to get it back on again.

What do you do when you have days like these? I whined to myself quite a lot. Then made a huge pot of beef and pumpkin casserole, chuckling over my mum’s “recipe” which is more like an excel spreadsheet. And I turned all the main lights off, poured myself a glass of pineapple juice to remind myself of sunny skies and better days, and listened to some soul-soothing music.

I’m still not in the best of moods and I am tired and ready for this day to be over but it is also a reminder that I am not in control. I cannot foresee what any new day will bring my way, whether good or bad. But I can choose how I react. And some days I will react with frustration and self-pity and a few tears. But then I pick myself up again, allow myself some grace, receive a little peace, and the next time I hope I will react a little better. And a little better again.

“Throw away yesterday. Today is a brand new day” – Sia