sushi and sake

sushi and sake

Seneca, some old Roman guy, said that Luck is what happens when Opportunity and Preparation meet. And then Oprah quoted him and it became famous. I guess that’s how it goes when you’re an ancient Roman philosopher.

Most of my day looks like preparation right now. I prepare papers for my business permit. I prepare agendas for meetings. I prepare timetables for wedding days. I prepare myself by watching tens of tutorials on business strategy, marketing and how to organise your finances. I prepare for phone calls with potential clients with research and long pages of notes and ideas.

I’m a bit restless for opportunities – opportunities to put all that preparation to the test, to show I can do it, to maybe finally earn some money.

But then, over sushi and sake in the evening sunlight, I was reminded that I have opportunities every day. All that preparation is an opportunity to improve, to stretch, to challenge myself, to grow.

And for now, that is more than enough.

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