the day before

So begins the wedding story.

Because I know some of you are thinking bad thoughts about me for delaying it so long…

We planned the wedding for the Sunday. Partly because of the cool date. 11.10.09. Seriously. You should see how nice it looks engraved inside our wedding rings.

But we also planned it then so that in laws would have a full day to meet, hang out, decorate and cook together and get over any remaining language phobias 🙂

The day dawned gloriously sunny – with my parents still adamently claiming the forcast for Sunday was almost as good (I was checking the forecast too and was reading it a little more realistically!)

After the initial excited awkward introductions we headed up to the church to begin the decorating.

The WHOLE family was there. Four of my family, seven of his. Plus two of the most fabulous women you would ever have the chance to meet.

This is Ellie. She flew from SOUTH AFRICA so that I could put her to work decorating, flower arranging, baking…

She was a good sport. Partly because I let her resume her favourite pastime of mocking me. Which she does in a northern accent and is good at. She was like my chief un-bridesmaid. Do they exist?

This is Fancy. Aside from having the most wonderful name ever to be bestowed upon an infant, she is also my fashion guru, and pretty much lifestyle guru. She flew from LAS VEGAS for the wedding.

Also, she will probably dislike that I just post (posted? postet?) this photo of her on my blog for potentially millions of people to see. (Ignore the fact that I have about three readers a day for a moment will you and allow my hyperbole to exist)

So we spent much of our morning in the church. And if you had walked in this is the fun chaos you would have witnessed…

Much much flower arranging.


Cutting of tulle. By the men of course. We give them the really manly jobs to affirm their masculinity.

My 80 year old Grandpa taking care of the candles in the chandelier. And everyone else wondering who allowed him up a ladder.

And my husband-to-be in his normal position: seven page to-do list and spreadsheets in his back pocket, delegating all jobs to other people. Apparently this makes it all go smoother and faster. Hmm.

Here is my bridesmaid and my chief un-bridesmaid taking a break. They should pretend to be doing something quick or my husband-to-be might delegate them another task…

Wondering why my dad looks so excited?

It’s because he is about to introduce the Danes to the most marvellous game ever to be created.

No, it’s not rugby. That was a good guess though.

It’s called Aunt Sally.

Full English(speaking) vs. Danish match analysis coming soon…