Yesterday, 11th November, was a public holiday here in Belgium.

Am I the only one who gets all the names of these holidays mixed up? I mean, I knew that yesterday was about remembering those who died in war. But all the public holidays seem to have long names beginning with “A” and I kept getting it mixed up yesterday…

I was especall grateful for the day off yesterday because I will be working this weekend. So the day began in style when I didn’t get out of bed until about 11am.

Then this happened:

Which was fun.

And then we spent a few hours re-organising our kitchen cupboards. Which was actually also fun.

Then we joined a gym.

Then I got my haircut.

Here is a very fuzzy photo of what I look like now. The fuzziness is due to my not being able to hold my hand still while taking a picture of myself in a somewhat damaged old mirror.

But you get the general idea.

Then my husband discovered we had missed the chance to cook duck last night (for Mortensaften – the story I was told about a humble monk not wanting to be bishop and hiding with the geese and then being found coz they honked loudly and then being forced to be bishop so making everyone eat goose in revenge once a year was hilarious)

So instead he cooked turkey and brown potatoes and gravy and beans tonight. Because no where in the city was selling duck yesterday apparently. Except the Chinese supermarket which was selling whole frozen peking duck which wasn’t quite what he was looking for. Anyway, the Danish-style meal was very yummy and I stuffed myself.

Then we watched Men in Black. What a classic film.

Then we went to bed.

Oh I’m sorry. Are you still in shock from that “joined a gym” moment? Yes, me too. Not quite sure how it happened. But it did. I am a fully paid gym member. Which made me feel better about eating that huge dinner last night despite the fact I haven’t actually used the gym yet.

One step at a time.