Real Ones

Last Friday we went to a Real Ones gig at the Ancienne Belgique venue here in Brussels. I’d not even heard of them until about a month ago but my friend Laura had a ticket and forwarded me the link and after spending half an hour on their myspace page clicking through the songs, we bought tickets too.

It was a fun gig. The music is catchy (I woke up with one of their songs in my head which is why I am writing it up today!) And the guys in the band are really talented musicians. I had a good evening, not just coz I liked their music, but because they were so obviously enjoying themselves so much. They really had fun on the stage and it was contagious, you couldn’t not smile while they played.

So I know half of my readers are still impatiently waiting for wedding photos but sit back, relax, and listen to this music first. I promise not to make you wait too much longer… 🙂