Twelve by 2012

Danni at the hugely popular blog Oh, Hello Friend has come up with a new mini project – make a list of twelve things to do before 2012 rolls around. It’s a way to stay focused and perhaps prevent some of the dreaded procrastination that sets in as the days get shorter and darker.

I really love the idea. Last year, you might remember, I did my list of 26 things to before I turned 27 in April. When I finished, I wrote that it had been a great way to really help me make the most of my time, so that I could reach my birthday and – despite not having ticked everything off –  feel like I had lived a very full year.

I didn’t write another list at the time though because there was a lot of changes and discussions happening, and I couldn’t envisage my year and where we would be, so it was harder to create a new list. As you know, we ended up spending a wonderful three and a half months in the USA this summer and it was definitely a full and happy experience.

Now we have another change on the near horizon. Our big news is that we are moving to Luxembourg next month. Rasmus was offered a job there that offers new exciting challenges for him, and after a lot of discussion and prayer we decided we were ready for the next adventure, and Luxembourg sounded like a good location for it!

I will write lots more about our plans and our move on here as it moves along, but suffice to say there is a lot of big changes for us ahead this autumn, that make me feel both excited and scared. Perhaps then, it is the perfect time to focus my plans and thoughts, and make sure I make the most of every day we have left here in Brussels, and savour the adventure of the move too…

Here is my list of twelve things to do by 2012…

  • Get our wedding photo book and anniversary photo book printed;
  • Complete eight units of my Event Management course;
  • Make a quilt;
  • Throw an amazing baby shower for Jenna;
  • Finish my summer photo memories book;
  • Organise a leaving party at our apartment;
  • Write my ultimate guide to Brussels;
  • Move to Luxembourg;
  • Find a Pilates class to join;
  • Launch my new website;
  • Transfer all my files off my old laptop;
  • Create a nice home study area in our new flat.
How about you? Danni opened the Twelve by 2012 idea to anyone who wants to join in, complete with cute buttons for your website! What would you put on your list to help you live a productive and full life between now and 31st December?