when it rains it pours

Last night, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep on my sunburn (oh Miami sun, you are sneaky), there was a continuous loud rumbling sound.

“Is that the air conditioning making that much noise?” I asked Rasmus?

“No, I think it’s the rain…” he replied.

We got up to look and it was indeed the rain, absolutely chucking it down as it tends to do here. You can be driving along the road in sunshine and seconds later you’re struggling to see the road ahead through torrential downpour. There’s literally a line on the road where the weather turns – dry on one side, rivers on the other. Being British and living in Belgium, I am well used to rain, but this is a whole new kind of rain that will drench you in about five seconds flat.

Someone suggested I should video the experience but as I am usually on my own in the car and it takes all my concentration to not hit the car in front of me, a video has yet to be produced. But I did take some pictures a few weeks ago when it started pouring while I was home. They don’t quite convey the intensity of the rain but they’ll give you an idea 🙂