And my word was it hot.

We spent last weekend in Miami. It’s an easy two and a half hour drive from Fort Myers along “Alligator Alley” which means mile after mile of Everglades grassland to look at with just one single petrol station on the way where everyone stops because they were starting to panic about their fuel gauge slowly dropping lower and lower…

We got a hotel on South Beach which was overpriced and unimpressive. Honestly. So I won’t be recommending that one, but when we complained about things they did give us free drinks and a discount for the restaurant which did really good food.

We spent our days walking walking Ocean Drive and Collins, admiring all the art deco buildings, window shopping in designer stores, spending horrific amounts of money on very good margaritas and doing a LOT of people watching.

The people watching was the most fun 🙂

We spent our evenings… well, the same thing really, minus the shopping and add in a pair of high heels (for me) and a shirt (for Rasmus). The margaritas were still draw-droppingly expensive and delicious, the outfits of the other bar patrons were, um, interesting, and there was just so much energy! Loud music, happy people, busy restaurants and pavements.

We didn’t take a huge amount of photos since my wee handbag doesn’t fit our camera very well and most of our phone photos are dark and blurry. Also, sand and cameras do not mix. And anyway, photos of me in a bikini will only ever appear on here if I am waaaaaay in the distance or hiding behind someone else!

But here are a few to give you an idea of our weekend on South Beach…