A fresh start

Four years ago today I began blogging at far far away on wordpress. My second post was about the pancake party that my flatmate Joanna and I had thrown for all our friends in Brussels. So I guess my love of cooking and hospitality was clear from the start.

Over the last four years I have written about my trips, my life in Brussels, about getting engaged and then married, about my faith, my family and friends, and some truly mundane and boring posts in there too!

I love writing and I love this little space on the web where I get to chat about what I’m thinking, what I’m excited about, angry about. I love that my biggest fans and most frequent commenters are still my dear parents. But I also love that more of you are coming back here regularly, and letting me know you enjoy reading what I write. That means such a lot to me.

So welcome to my new space on the web! A lot of hard work (and near-tears over unruly code) has gone into this new website. There are probably a lot of kinks still to be ironed out, but I wanted to make the move today, to have this fresh start on my blog’s birthday.

I designed and coded the website myself, using thesis and wordpress as a base. That I had any idea how to use css or html is all thanks to the wonderful Amanda and her course A Girls’ Guide to Web Design (more on that soon).

And the beautiful header up there is designed by Truly Yours Designs. The ladies there were wonderful to work with so if you have any blog design needs, head their way.

And there’s more to come… I have an exciting project that’s close to being ready to launch, and a lot of other ideas in the pipeline. I’m feeling brave and inspired. This is only the beginning!