I went to two concerts this week which was fun.

The first was to see KT Tunstall who has been one of my favourites for a long longtime. I just bought her newest album about a month ago and already love it. And she’s a great performer – clearly having a lot of fun but not full of herself and her voice is so so good. Love listening to her sing.

That concert was made a bit more exciting by a near-fainting episode on my part. Half way through her quietest, most reflective song I was suddenly and painfully aware that I would not make it to the end of the song on my feet. As the room started to sway I whispered a loud “HELP ME” to my friend Marissa who barged a pathway through the highly annoyed crowd towards the exit with me staggering behind like a drunken blind person. Which is kinda how I felt.

Three songs later, having drunk (drank? drunken?) a bottle of water and sat with my head on my knees in the corridor for a while, I made it back inside and enjoyed the rest of the show sitting on the floor at the back of the hall. She still sounded as good from down there!


photo taken by Rasmus on his phone

Yesterday was the second of the week’s concerts and despite feeling somewhat poorly I convinced Rasmus I was ok to go because it was a seated concert rather than standing. We had tickets to see Tina Dico, a Danish singer that Rasmus liked. I hadn’t heard anything by her before we bought the tickets but it was a good purchase.

She was really really good. She played the Orangerie at Botanique which is a much smaller venue and I liked the more intimate feel of the show. She sang a song called “Copenhagen” about, unsurprisingly, Copenhagen (I think she moved back there from London recently) and it made me want to move there tomorrow. And a lot of songs about the contradiction of emotions – wanting something and yet not wanting it, loving something yet not choosing it…

It was also the biggest number of Danish people I’ve ever seen all in one place outside of Denmark. I got quite excited, exclaiming in hushed tones “ooh and they’re speaking danish too!” every 30 seconds to a bemused Rasmus.

I really enjoy going to concerts. Well, with some prerequisites. We went to an Iron&Wine concert last month and I was honestly a little (gasp!) bored through most of the show. But when it’s someone I’ve listened to for a while, when it’s an artist who has good stage presence and knows how to enjoy the music while also entertaining the audience, when there’s good lyrics to think about or upbeat music that gets me tapping my feet (and the woman in front of me at the KT Tunstall concert dancing in her wonderful “I’m well above the average age here and dance like your auntie Pat but I’m having fun” way) then I just love hearing music live.

Anyone been to any good concerts recently? Or found new music you want to recommend?