mama knows how to cook pizza…

This is one of my favourite places in Brussels to eat pizza…

I haven’t been here in yonks, so when my wonderful awesome friend Thais came into town and mentioned Mama Roma’s, I did not need much persuading.

You buy pizza here by weight. They have huuuuge square pizzas on the counter and will cut you off a square of the ones you want, weight ’em all up, add in a glass of wine in an adorably stumpy glass and serve it all on wooden boards.

Have I mentioned I love it here?

Today we had some broccolli and gorgonzola, mushroom and artichoke, and FIG and parma ham. Oh my. They were good. No, I mean, really good.

The good thing about leaving work early to fit in pizza before your friend has to catch her flight is that there are no queues. I once came here and there was a big sign saying “Sold Out” outside the door. That was a very sad day.

Mmmm…. pizza. With FIGS

Also. Can I just mention that I love this lady? And that she is going to move to Brussels. Soon. Fact.

You know you are Thais, don’t try to deny it.

Also, this picture may not help me in my attempts to convince Rasmus of the fact that my mouth is significantly smaller than his…