the venue

We are having two wedding celebrations

I mean, what the heck, you only *hopefully* do this getting married thing once in your life, so might as well stretch it out right?!

Plus, getting to wear my bee-uooo-tiful dress twice? Amazing.

We are getting married in the church in the village I grew up in in Oxfordshire, with cake and champagne after, and then having a blessing service and big shin-dig a week later in Brussels.

The Oxfordshire venues were sorted within about three hours of us announcing our engagement. Ok, maybe three days but it was super speedy.

Call the vicar, book the church. Check.

Call the administrator, book the Village Hall. Check.

Brussels, on the other hand, is proving a little more complicated.

We’re looking for a hall that can hold up to 150 people, and will be suitable for a blessing ceremony, buffet dinner and dancing… yeah, I guess it doesn’t sound quite so simple written down like that.

We have looked up a lot of very cool looking venues, boasting a long list of corporate clients. Unfortunately they all had the price tag to go with it. Plus you had to pay the car park attendant, the cloackroom assistant, the toilet lady – I mean seriously, I am not planning on charging our guests to pee!

Saturday officially marked the “three months to go” which is crazy and tres excitamondo…

and we haven’t booked a venue here yet. Oops.

But do not fear, we have a likely candidate waiting in the wings – a church hall that might work out quite well. But if any of you readers happen to be Brusselites and know of a large halls for rent that might not be online – church halls, school halls, community centres – please let me know!